Hudson Quarry is an authorized dealer of Timber Stoves, the original wood pellet patio heater built with pride in the Pacific Northwest. Unlike propane patio heaters, Timber Stoves allow you to enjoy the ambiance of a roaring wood fire while staying warm from head to toe, from up to 12′ away!

These American Made wood pellet patio heaters will keep you warm from head to toe.

The Big Timber and Lil’ Timber are designed not only to produce radiant heat, but to provide a beautiful fire for family and friends to watch. Requiring no electricity, the heater’s flame is powered only by gravity and the draft created from the stove pipe.

Using wood pellets as a low carbon alternative fuel just makes sense when compared to the high price and inefficiency of propane. Pellets run at a quarter of the operating cost, while producing twice the amount of BTU’s.

Why use wood pellets?


Pellets can pack up to 9,000 BTU’s per lb. Timber Heaters generate 2X the heat vs propane.

Eco Friendly

Wood Pellets are an industrial by-product of the saw mill industry and have a small carbon footprint.


$5 dollars of fuels equals 4 hours of burn time – about 1/2 the operating cost vs propane.


With the addition of a Timber griddle or oven accessory, your heater can double as a cook stove!