Hudson Quarry is proud to be an authorized retailer of Comfort Block.


Designed to replace a standard block and mortar system, Comfort Block units are manufactured to such precise dimensions that they can be assembled using only masonry adhesive, eliminating the need for mortar.

This modernized building system is available in five depth sizes so you can quickly and easily build durable homes, commercial buildings, garages, sheds, outdoor kitchens, free-standing walls, and more with less labor and less waste of materials. Comfort Block is manufactured using G-mix, a low-carbon formula for concrete that uses up to 55% recycled materials and half the cement used in traditional block production.

An integrated electrical channel makes it easy to install a building’s electrical system after construction, and no furring or drywall is needed — simply cover the wall with a plaster or sand/cement finish. Exterior finishing options include stucco, plaster, thin veneer, strapping and siding, and more.

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